100% Pure Cosmetics


Some people believe that beauty is the clothes you wear, the make-up you put on. Rightly so in the world we live in where outer beauty and appearances are so important. Outer beauty is something one is born with but inner-beauty is a gift to one’s self. We may not be able to ‘see’ inner beauty in a person, but we can definitely ‘feel’ it. A person with an inner beauty always touches people around them. So talking about style and beauty, which go hand in hand, why not highlight both these characteristics with cosmetics that are free from animal testing and cruelty. We recently had the opportunity to review the wonderful cosmetics from 100% Pure , a brand that is completely free of all harmful toxins, is healthy and is a pure line of nourishing personal care items made only with the highest quality ingredients. This makes them an ideal choice for the #GUNASGIRL.


We personally tried their Lip Caramel, illuminating powder, smooth eyeliner and mascara. But their BB cream won our top pick! (Sneak peak of our KELLY bow purse) The luxurious formula will give you a glowing, flawless, illuminated complexion. Full to medium coverage that still looks natural. The 1000s of light reflective pigments will give you an incandescent glow. Tried and tested! Beauty is not only pure but also powerful. Bring out your inner qualities of kindness and compassion and choose cruelty-free makeup the next time you want to look and feel your best.


So as you move forward and make your choice with your beauty tools ask yourself, why are cruelty-free cosmetics important? When you are putting on your make-up in morning think about what is on your face? Many women (and some men) don’t give it a second thought. We don’t want to give up our rich pigments, smooth application, and staying power of our favorite war paint. But whether you’re Vegan or munch meat you will find common ground at the make-up counter. The top 2 reasons being; Stopping animal testing and secondly, choose toxins-free and chemical free products for a healthier skin for yourself. Lucky for our #GUNASGIRL there are now several options available starting with the beautiful product line by 100% Pure.


Disclaimer: Please note that this review is not a paid post. All opinions stated here are our own and unbiased.


  1. The lip caramel color looks so pretty. Was it long lasting?


    1. It was!! You should try it 🙂


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