WOODSTOCK ThanksLiving Dinner 2016

thanksliving16_mcacioppo-4110-2652x1768The Woodstock Farm sanctuary is very close to our hearts. This sanctuary not only houses several rescued animals but it was also the first place where we learned first hand about the cruelty of the meat and poultry industry. We have been supporting their annual fundraising Thanksliving dinner gala for as long as we have been in existence. This year was no different.

thanksliving16_mcacioppo-4191-2652x1768Over 250 guests joined the sanctuary to celebrate and honor their rescued turkeys and over 350 rescued farmed animals. They partnered with Craig Cochran of Terri restaurants in NYC for the banquet and Maresa Volante of Sweet Maresa’s and Confectionery who prepared her elegant and gorgeous vegan desserts.

thanksliving16_mcacioppo-4199-2652x1768While we didn’t attend in person we sent out several bags (30 units to be exact) to help with their silent auction and fundraising efforts. Besides enjoying some delectable vegan cuisine and interacting with the farm animals, attendees also shopped donations from GUNAS along with several other companies that we adore such as Beyond Skin, NOAH, Kat Von D, Kleen Kanteen, Novacas, Corature and Follow Your Heart amongst many others. Did you know that members to the sanctuary also receive a 20% off discount at our online store? Just an added perk for our #GUNASGIRL for being extra kind. You can join the sanctuary and support them through this link. 


thanksliving16_mcacioppo-4024-2652x1768All Photo credits: Melissa Cacioppo, Courtesy Woodstock Farm Sanctuary
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