GUNAS Supports Wild Tomorrow Fund

We had the pleasure of connecting with the lovely Wendy Hapgood, Director of the Wild Fund Tomorrow. This small startup organization (consisting of a team of 4 and growing) was started in 2015 by Wendy’s partner, John Steward. They work on the ground in Africa fighting on behalf of species great and small. (They had us at Elephants and Rhinos) They believe that the loss of a species degrades our ecosystems and impoverishes communities, our society and our planet. They also work hard to ensure that the world that comes after us is a world in which a wild tomorrow is possible. Sounds very similar to GUNAS’s brand message as well!

wildtomorrowfundWendy seen here with GUNAS’s Founder, Sugandh and her 2 year old Christmas present, the Madison bag.

Africa has a special place in our hearts. While we love farm animals immensely and support organizations like PETA, ASPCA, Catskills Animal Sanctuary, Woodstock Animal Sanctuary amongst many others, our true passion lies in saving the wild species. Our founder Sugandh personally witnessed the horrors of poaching when she saw a pair of brutally mutilated Rhinos on her trip to the Kruger National Park in South Africa back in 2008. That incidence really affected her and gave her another brick to lay the foundation and be passionate about this cause. GUNAS as a brand is so inspired by world cultures and values and ethics of our Gunas girls. The Mayan clutch featured below is a tribute to all wild life and the history we share with our animal friends. We hope to make our brand memorable and a constant reminder of this belief and way of living.


What we also really love about the Wild Tomorrow fund is that you can select the items you’d like to donate. This way you know exactly what your donation is being used for. We’ve already purchased a couple of items as our donation! They will also feature you as a warrior on their site. The organizations’ main focus is in Zulu land. They are also working with the local Zulu women to bring their art forward to the western world. You can read more about their transparent strategies here. We are so proud to present this organization to you and pledge our continuous support to them. We encourage you to check out their site, make a donation or shop with us and mention WILDFUND during checkout and we will donate a portion of your purchase to them.


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