2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Vegan Handbags

Looking to gift your loved ones a Gunas New York, premium ethical vegan bag? Or maybe we’ve been on your list and you want to send a hint to Santa? From cuing in on what she exactly wants, to finding it at the right price point, holiday shopping can be daunting. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, wife, or daughter we’ve created a simple gift guide to help you make a decision on which bag might be right for you and your price range this Holiday gifting season.

red1. $150 – $300 : Love is Red

If you are ready to splurge and get the best. Here are the dream bags we’d recommend if money were no object. Red is the color of the season so why not gift her a beautiful red bag just as vibrant as her! Our top 3 picks for the year are the Tippi Tote, Jane Satchel and the classic Cottontail bow purse. All styles are a best seller for 2017. 


2. $150 – $250 : Classic is always beautiful

Old is definitely gold and classic is always beautiful. But it doesn’t have to be boring! Pastels are the new classic. For the soft hearted Gunas Girl, these styles are a great choice! This palette is very neutral and good for any season if styled nicely. If your girl likes bigger bags then choose between the Madison PE or the Cher tote. If you think a cross body is the way to go then pick the beautiful Flamingo in gold or the Ridley premium in peridot green.


3.  $100 – $250 : Because Black is Black.

You want to play it safe and get her something she’ll not only love but also easily say yes to then a black bag is your best bet! From casual totes to work bags, we have a variety for you to choose from. Let her know that you totally get her style statement and her ethics. Choose a beautiful faux ostrich or a glamorous saffiano texture vegan leather bag from our collection. Here are our top picks: Koko, Monarch, Naomi, Hermit and Pelican


4. $75- $165 : Bold is Powerful. Power is Dramatic.

Holidays are incomplete without drama. Bold metallics, quilted backpacks, beaded clutches and bow purses are what she’s all about! Go bold without being kitchy. Just when you thought how can a backpack be classy, we came up with the Cougar. When you thought you can’t be a feminist and look girly, we came up with the Kelly.  And when the thought of something artisanal being hippie, we designed the Mayan clutch. The almost mirror finish Ridley premium in silver will bring out the rockstar in her. So many choices, so much drama! 


5. $0-$150: Little & Impactful!

Because it’s the little things that count everyday and not just the big ones that make all the difference. Add a little extra to make the holiday a bit more special. Why not get a wallet, a makeup bag or a bag charm to add bling to her arm candy? And while you are at it also check out our shoes. The Swan bow ballet flat will make a pretty gift for that lovely Gunas Girl. So just go for it and sweep her off her feet! Check out the Farm Charm, Radiance Clutch, Swan Shoes, Bloom Make-up Bag, Twiggy & Uptown wallets.  

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful in narrowing down your choices and picking a bag you’d love to give and receive. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our indie brand and small label. We couldn’t do this for the animals without you! So live beautifully and look incredible because you can now choose high fashion with zero cruelty!

Love, Gunas New York


  1. Brilliant! I love the collection that you added in the post ❤ Awesome!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww! Thanks so much! 🙂


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