Let Food be your Medicine

Le Botaniste, a fast casual with an apothecary design and a plant-based menu– Here’s a perfect lunch spot in New York city. Just their tagline “Let food be the medicine” made my heart skip a beat! With our busy schedules and an effort to maintain a good work/life balance, my husband and I will every now and then skip out on impromptu dates whenever we can. Today was one of those moments. With our daughter safely tucked in at day care and the afternoon to ourselves, we decided to go through our long list of “must check out” places in the city and were so happy to venture out to this sweet little restaurant on the upper east.


Don’t let the entrance fool you. It looks like a tiny deli style place but has a plenty of seating and also a small covered, well lit backyard with skylight along with a wine bar. We decided to splurge a bit and try a few more items on their menu than we could actually eat. (All for the sake of this review, I promise!)  To top it all, the food is also gluten-free. I mentioned to their staff that it was our first time here so she gave me a quick introduction on how the food is organic and animal-free. She was hesitant from using the word “vegan” but when I openly inquired she said yes! (Sigh!)


We really enjoyed the Mezze from the small bowl section and the Tibetan Mama which was a nice coconut curry based vegetable with boiled rice. The pasta was really refreshing and wholesome. So depending on what excites your taste buds, they have something for everyone. You can also do your own DIY bowl. Their list of desserts looked amazing too!


Fun fact: Le Botaniste is owned by bakery-cafe chain Le Pain Quotidien. So if you are ever in the UES of New York, definitely give this place a try. A perfect menu, a delightful prescription, must-try for a Gunas Girl! Bon-Apetite!



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