Disney World for Vegans!

A love affair with Mickey & Minnie Mouse is ageless! You don’t have to be a 3 year old to be swept off your feet by their magical sweet smiles and the wonders of all the characters at Disney World. When my husband had the opportunity to visit Orlando for a 4 day conference through his work, my little one and I grabbed the opportunity to tag along and make it a special Mom-Daughter getaway! I’m not sure who was more excited, me or her!


My choice of bags and shoes for this trip were the Cougar Quilted backpack in Pink (recently featured in Vogue Magazine!), the Cottontail purse in Off-White and the Swan ballet flat shoes in silver. The backpack served as a perfect companion for my daughters nicknacks! I was able to fit a lot more than I ever thought was possible. A pair of extra clothing, wipes, snacks, lunch, water-bottle, roll up hat and also a mini umbrella. I used my Cottontail purse for my Uptown Wallet, sunglasses, Disney passes, phone and charger. With 4, 8 hour days of continuous walking and opening both bags and wallets infinite number of times, they really stood the test of overuse. Especially my Swan shoes were amazingly comfortable, looked stylish and left me with zero blisters after being on my feet for so long. I love personally test driving every product I put out there for all the Gunas Girls! That way I can experience any problems (and joys!) first hand and fix something if required.


I personally did not find Disney to be Vegan or vegetarian friendly. They really need to come up with better snack and healthy food options on site. Our lifesavers during the day were the Kame rice crackers, Go Raw bars and snacks, Earth Balance vegan cheddar squares and Lenny & Larry’s cookies. We also found a few restaurants that had at least 2-3 vegan options on their menu. The Yak & Yeti restaurant in Animal Kingdom offered a few dishes that could be veganized. We also made our way to the Norwegian restaurant Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Epcot that offered one pure vegan dish on the menu which was quite nice. If you are traveling with a little girl, this might just be the place of her dreams! Have a royal lunch with all the Disney princesses making their way to greet your little lady personally.


Besides these recommendations I’d also suggest checking out the following places:
1) Erin McKenna in Disney Springs.
2) Try the Veggie Burritos at Pecos Bills.
3) Vegan Chili at the Columbian Harbor House.
4) A
ll the popcorn and Mickey Pretzels are vegan too!
5) Tonga Toast (can be made vegan) at the Polynesian Resort, Kona Cafe. They can also make a great Tofu scramble.
6) Request Chef T J to make his vegan feast at the Disney Trail’s End Restaurant.

Hope you have an amazing time visiting Disney with friends and family! If you find more vegan options and would like to share with others, please leave your comments below and share the love! 🙂


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