How Fashion is Banning Fur!

A lot is going on in the world of fashion and announcements in several parts of the world supporting bans of fur are exciting in so many ways. Not everyone may feel the same as the economic impacts on the fashion industry with fur gone will be felt like an earthquake that’s 8.0 on the Richters scale! Be ready to be shaken up world! Because the animal rights activists and the environmental activists are rising up everywhere and we ain’t going away anytime soon. It’s time we began the healing and protection of our planet and taking care of our animal friends. It’s time we stop taking from them and give back what is rightfully theres. This planet is “ours” and not “just ours”.

New York is the hub of world fashion with over 130 fur retailers and manufacturers in New York City. Most are small, family-run businesses which have been passed from generation to generation. It is time to change what has become a habit and find new ways to diversify a family business instead of holding on to it just because “that’s how our ancestors did it!”

Animal farming is highly cruel and humans produce dozens of products, not just fur. For example, mink oil is used in cosmetics and as a conditioner for leather; their meat is rendered down and used in biofuels and in the pet food industry; the meat is also used as a preferred lure in the crab fishing industry; and the carcasses are composted; the manure is used as a rich fertilizer for agricultural crops. Grossed out yet?

Ban fur, animal farming for food or fashion and let’s use those state funds for farming sanctuaries, growing our forests, increasing natural habitats for spices that are going extinct and clean up our oceans instead. Put that money into developing funds that help innovators and companies like GUNAS to develop alternatives to leather and fur by mimicking nature, not destroying it! Have you checked out our awesome MulbTex Moby bag? It’s made from the silk protein of the Mulberry tree leaf pulp. No synthetics! No plastics!

Plastics are bad for the environment. While we don’t completely support the use of fake fur or leather, it is definitely a step in the direction of progress. Plastics outweigh the evils of the fur and leather industry immensely. We now have water based PU’s available. These don’t require oil in their production. We have corn based plastic available. These are biodegradable. We have fur made from Hemp fibers. This is plant based. The faux industry is rapidly evolving and we have no reason “NOT” to move away from real fur and leather.


According to the Accessories Council here are some actions in place for the fashion industry in the months to come.

  • There is a proposed ban on the sale of fur, shearling, hair-on leathers in NYC. This legislation includes rabbit, shearling and hair-on skins.  (Items impacted: A jacket with fur trim would be impacted, a make-up brush, even a paint roller, not to mention countless fashion items)  WOW! Whose excited? 
  • There is additional similar proposed legislation in NY State.
  • San Francisco already passed a law banning the sale of fur.
  • Los Angeles ban will go into place in 2021
  • Also in California, Croc, Lizard, and Alligator are also on the list of things to be banned. OMG! We are doing a victory dance at GUNAS here! Wish we can add ostrich to that list too!

According to PETA, here are the countries that have complete bans and phased out fur. Some of have extremely cold temperatures. If they can do it, we can too!


Animals can no longer be killed for their fur in Serbia! The country decided to ban fur farming in 2009, giving farmers a 10-year phase-out period ending in January 2019. Luxembourg is the most recent country to have banned fur farming. Its progressive animal-welfare law was passed in June 2018 and prohibits fur farming entirely beginning in October 2018. While Luxembourg currently has no operating fur farms, legislation will prevent any from opening.In 2018, India became the 36th nation to pass a ban on seal fur, joining the United States as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the 28 countries of the European Union. Are China and United States going to be Next? We can only continue our rebellion and speaking for our animal friends. They are not voiceless; it’s we who lack empathy and the ability to understand their screams and pain.



Raccoons, minks, rabbits are some of the sweet creatures brutally slaughtered by the fur industry.

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