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Macy’s awards Gunas New York as the best retail handbag by an independent designer at the 12th Independent Handbag Designer Awards- Founder Sugandh Agrawal.

Handbags: Is “Ethically Handmade” right for you?

Ethically Handmade, explained by a small business owner’s perspective. What it means to own ethically handmade handbags and why you should support this. By, Sugandh G. agrawal, Gunas New York

Ethical Vegan Vs Fast Vegan Fashion

With so many brands now flooding the market with cheap vegan fashion, what should you should know when making a purchase. Choose slow, ethical and fair fashion. Written By: Sugandh G Agrawal

Yellow this Spring!

Yellow seems to be the color that’s warming up everyone’s wardrobe and handbag collection this spring! Several vegan fashion labels are popping out their favorite styles in bright hues and shades of yellow. Here are some of our favorite pieces for spring 2017. GUNAS NEW YORK Our very own Hermit bag in a poppy yellow.…

Premium Ethical Luxury

Enjoy this video by our founder Sugandh capturing the essence of Gunas New York and see what went into creating this premium ethical luxury brand. We’ve showcased snippets of our journey as we complete 8 years of being in existence. It’s been quite the experience and none of this would have been possible had it not been for…

#OOTD Featuring GUNAS

Hello Paris, London & New York! Fashion is “kind” of what we do! Nothing better than inspiring young fashionistas to put “kindness” into their styling. We were so thrilled and beyond excited with artist and illustrator Laura Hickman reached out to us with an interest to feature several GUNAS handbag designs (Ridley, Cottontail, Monarch, Rockstar,…