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Handbags: Is “Ethically Handmade” right for you?

Ethically Handmade, explained by a small business owner’s perspective. What it means to own ethically handmade handbags and why you should support this. By, Sugandh G. agrawal, Gunas New York

Ethical Vegan Vs Fast Vegan Fashion

With so many brands now flooding the market with cheap vegan fashion, what should you should know when making a purchase. Choose slow, ethical and fair fashion. Written By: Sugandh G Agrawal

#GUNASGIRL: Candice Lynn

You may recognize Candice from our latest Spring/Summer lookbook. Contrary to her glowing physique, the Southern belle grew up in what she recalls as “the deep fried south” and admittedly never paid much attention to her health. In her early twenties however, she took it upon herself to learn more about nutrition and began a regular…

#GUNASGIRL: Lani Muelrath

Recognized as a thought leader and pioneer in the integration of vegan living, fitness, and mindfulness, GUNAS had the pleasure of sitting down with Mrs. Lani Muelrath. Lani’s teachings and lifestyle blend plant-sourced nutrition with compassion and mind/body awareness from mindfulness meditation practice. With over four decades of health, fitness, and wellness teaching experience, this…

#GUNASGIRL: Cynthia Summers

Cynthia Summers, who is perhaps best known as the Costume Designer for  A Series of Unfortunate Events, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Unreal, and The L world (just to name a few) is a #GUNASGIRL with influence. She woos viewers through not only her sense of aesthetics but the integration of fashion and animal activism into her clothing. After beginning her adult life…