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Your Guide to the Most Vegan Valentine’s Day Ever

It’s February, which means ’tis the season for roses, chocolates, flowers, and heart-shaped everything. Whether or not you’re in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day has the potential to be a lot of fun (I’m fond of a good ol’ Galentines Day, myself!). Below I’ve listed some of my favorite vegan products (along with some fun events) that are…

#GUNASGIRL: Nancy Fried

She’s a long-time vegetarian turned vegan, nurse practitioner, dog mom, and now pursuing a doctorate degree. Meet Nancy Fried, amazing woman and #GUNASGIRL!

#GUNASGIRL: Taryn Rasgon

She’s a business owner, influencer, and passionate animal advocate… meet Taryn Rasgon, one of Instagram’s most beloved vegans and a proud #GUNASGIRL!

Purple Sweet Potato pancakes!

It is unbelievably cold this winter in New York. My husband and I have been following this amazing Sattvic diet and pranayam routine through our holistic healer, Shweta Parmar. We’ve experienced many changes within and outer during this 45 day period. As we are winding down with her program and reinventing the way we eat…