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#GUNASGIRL: Nancy Fried

She’s a long-time vegetarian turned vegan, nurse practitioner, dog mom, and now pursuing a doctorate degree. Meet Nancy Fried, amazing woman and #GUNASGIRL!

#GUNASGIRL: Taryn Rasgon

She’s a business owner, influencer, and passionate animal advocate… meet Taryn Rasgon, one of Instagram’s most beloved vegans and a proud #GUNASGIRL!

Let Food be your Medicine

Le Botaniste, a fast casual with an apothecary design and a plant-based menu– Here’s a perfect lunch spot in New York city. Just their tagline “Let food be the medicine” made my heart skip a beat! With our busy schedules and an effort to maintain a good work/life balance, my husband and I will every now…

5 Natural sources to beat Anemia

As a vegan or vegetarian you are probably more than used to people questioning where you are getting your protein and B12 from. Another key ingredient to be aware of in your diet is iron. Giving up meat, poultry and dairy are just the first steps to living a vegan life. In order to remain…